How it Works

  Your own photo shoot is only steps away. Take a look below for a detailed guide. 


Step 1



Find your vibe

We're connecting you with our squad of hand-picked photographers.You will get the chance to check them out, see their work and pick whoever you're vibing with. 


Step 2


Location, location, location

We know all the best hot spots and now you do too. Each locale brings its own energy to your shoot, but remember: whichever you pick - there's no wrong answers here. We are limited to New York City right now but check back later as we continue to expand.




Get the gang together

We can accommodate no matter how deep you're rolling. We specialize in groups ranging from 1-8 people, but can also match your needs if you're with the whole fam.

A 1-hour shoot for 1-4 people is $200 with more info found here. If you've got a larger group, hit us up so we can email you a custom quote.




Hold your time slot

After selecting your group size, the next step is picking out a date and time. We get it. You're busy. That's why we run shoots from 9-5 everyday. Don't see your preferred time? Our inboxes are open! Email us, don't be shy. 




Book it

You will receive an email confirmation of the details of your photo shoot, including information on where to meet your photographer. We’ll send you updates 48 hours before the shoot to confirm.

Need to cancel or modify your reservation? Read our cancellation policy here.






Lights, camera, ready

Want the most out of your shoot? Two words: outfit changes. We encourage you to bring different outfit options and props. (Getting your hair and nails done helps too). The better you feel, the better your pictures will be.




It's shoot time

Arrive to your meet-up spot 15 minutes early so you can link up with the photographer and chat about the specifics of your shoot. Then, your photographer and your group will walk the neighborhood.

We want your Project: Pose shoot to go as smoothly as possible so please give yourself over to the photographer and follow any direction they give to get the shots you want. Once the hour is over, the photographer will leave to upload your photos.

Pro-tip: don't interrupt the shoot's flow by asking to review photos as you go. Your squad can snap behind the scenes photos on their own.




The follow up

24-48 hours after your Project: Pose shoot you will receive all the photos from your shoot via email. Download the photos, forward them along to your friends, and watch the likes roll in.